Inaugural Sparkker/Ignighter/Sparkker Post

Posted by Adam on October 30, 2007

Hey friends,

Welcome to the inaugural post. As some of you may know, Sparkker has been in development for a few months now and we’re quickly approaching the launch. We actually wanted to start blogging sooner because we know how interested all of you are in reading about the minutiae of our daily working lives (for all of you on the edge of your seats, I brought my own ginger tea to have after lunch, Dan is starting to feel like he’s getting a cold, and Peter is wearing that green v-neck, you know, the one he wears that makes his eyes pop), but we couldn’t start because until recently, we didn’t have a name! We’ve been workking (I swear I just accidentally typed working with an extra “k”, but decided to leave it for subliminal brand marketing purposes. Maybe from now on I should always give my k’s a k companion…) on this application since May and only now do we have a finalized name, Sparkker.

These months of struggle to find a name have been particularly trying for me. I have a personal connection to this struggle, not only can I sympathize (feel compassion for) with how our application must have been feeling, but I can empathize (actually know what it’s like to walk in its website-y shoes). You see, and this is a true story, when I was born, my parents didn’t give me a name right away either. For three days they couldn’t thinkk of anything to call me, but Baby #1. Being the only child at that point, I still to this day don’t understand why they felt the need to clarify me as #1. But I digress. For three long days I survived as Baby #1 until, seemingly on a whim, my parents decided to name me Jared. Jared Sachs. Seems like a reasonable enough name. At that point I imagine Baby #1 would have been happy with just about any name that didn’t include a numeral or punctuation. But Jared wouldn’t last long. It was only another day that passed before they told my Mommom Naomi the name. “Jared? Jared?! He’s not a Jared!” (now that I look at it, Jared with the exclamation point – Jared! – is a pretty cool name on its own, I wonder if my punctuation loving parents ever considered it…) But without Mommom’s approval, no name stood a chance.

Fast forward two months.

After nearly 60 days of baby-vagabond name hopping – I was like a homeless guy going from Starbucks to Starbucks – my parents (read: Naomi) finally landed on Adam and the name stuckk. It’s not a terrible name either. I look like an Adam. I feel like an Adam. And more importantly, the name still references the first one I ever had, Baby #1.

I know what it’s like to walk the streets as a baby with no identity, unable to introduce myself, completely nameless. I was determined to give my baby, Website #1, a better life. Finding a name was of the utmost importance.

Back to Sparkker.

Deciding on a name means a lot. For one, it was getting very frustrating to finish explaining the idea for the app to friends and family and then get hit with the inevitable, “Good idea, what’s it called?”. Also, while we hope to successfully create a new definition for the word within the minds of our users, there is no denying that we will forever be somewhat defined by the name we chose.

The process of choosing a name was an interesting one to say the least. It consisted of about a month of brainstorming, asking friends and family for advice, and reading branding books (thanks for the all homework Peter. NOT!) But we were starting to get desperate. The clockk was tickking and we really needed to finalize something so that we could begin to figure out our logo and complete our brand. Finally we settled on our two favorite names of the moment – Sparkker and Ignighter – and decided to do some polling. We asked a number of our close friends (mostly the slackers who IM and Gchat from work all day) and tallied the results in a spreadsheet document that included the following fields: Name, Age, Gender, Name Preference, Reason.

The results were pretty interesting. Of the 12 guys we polled, 8 of them liked Ignighter and 4 liked Sparkker. The reasons varied slightly, but for the most part, guys liked Ignighter better because it seemed to give a “better description of the purpose of the site”. For the 12 girls, the numbers were actually reversed. 8 of them preferred Sparkker to the 4 who liked Ignighter. The common reason for the preference, “Sparkker looks and sounds better”. As much as we wanted to please everybody, we had to agreed that the ladies were the ones you didn’t want to piss off. I mean that’s common knowledge right? So after months of namelessness, we were very excited to settle on what we think is a great name. And in case you were wondering, here’s Mommom Naomi’s reaction: “Ignighter?! What’s Ignighter?! Sparkker is sooo much better Adly.”

The application is set to launch on Facebook a little before Thankksgiving. Until then, keep checking in for updates on our blog.

Just for fun, below is a list of some of the names we threw around, but didn’t end up going with. We implore you not to email us and say, “oh you should’ve gone with X” because we’re still a little too emotionally fragile for that kind of thing.

smisher, ignighter, groupfuser, mingleden, vivver, mixxem, quidbroho, she_ugly_she_21, cotery, drinktime, cheersall, cheersiepoo, letsmeetthem, rightsocial, elmixer.

That’s 15 of a list of approximately 50 that we had going by the end. Bottom line, if you’re working on a startup and need some naming assistance… we’re probably not the guys you want to askk!


Sparkker Partner and Chief Friend Maker


5 Responses to “Inaugural Sparkker/Ignighter/Sparkker Post”

  1. danthemann said

    For all those concerned, my cold is subsiding…down to a phase 1.4, future updates forthcoming…

  2. Buzz said

    Not sure which one I preferred at the time, but Sparkker is much better in retrospect. Good choice. Now get the fucking app. running and the site up.

  3. Kim said

    Hey Adley,
    I think that I love the name Sparkker. I am with Naomi on the ignighter, it sounds like a fire starter. I agree whole heartedly with Buzz, Get this site up and running. We are all excited and cant wait. Oh, for what this is worth, I love the color schemes opf the website.

  4. the baby namer said

    such a bullshit story
    should be writing fiction for Star magazine
    Why not just say “my parents rescued me from an alien spaceship”

  5. Dr. O said

    Dear Sparkker Developers,

    I am very excitedd and eaggerly awwaiting the llaunch of yourr excitting new webbsite. I, of coursse, being in the ovver 50 crowdd, will be neww to sociall nettworking butt am very willlllling to learn. The firstt groupp I will be joinning is “Spellcheckkers.” On that note, in case you didn’t knoww it, you spelllled your name wrong-it’s “Spparkker” not “Sparkker.”

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