Sparkker’s extra K

Posted by Peter on November 2, 2007

Before we get into what Sparkker will actually do and what what we’re doing to get it there, a little more obsessing about the name….

Matt M. said to me, “I actually prefer Sparkker with the extra k.” I agree! (And so does Dan. Adam seems not so sure– he’s still hung up on Ignighter and ElMixer.)

That extra K gives Sparkker an extra pow, an extra kick. (You’ll note that “kick” already has two Ks.) That extra K makes it stand out more than Sparker with one K ever could. Take a good look at one-K Sparker. It looks kinda sad and flavorless; it’s missing something.  Our extra K gives us an edge.

I predicted that Sparkker would start a trend of cheap name knock-offs with extra Ks, as Flickr did by dropping an E. Well, I checked, expecting lots of available domains with extra Ks: – taken; – taken; – taken; – taken. Even is taken. So maybe *we* are the cheap knock-offs, but I still prefer that extra K.

A couple people have suggested that some day, if we’ve made it, we can buy the one-K domain. (It’s currently owned by one S. Parker Hardware of Englewood, NJ.) I’d rather spend the money on a party–to celebrate that second, orange K–or on months of burritos.



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