What is Sparkker??

Posted by danthemann on November 9, 2007

Since we have yet to really spell it out, many of you are probably wondering what, exactly, is the concept behind Sparkker. You’ve joined the Sparkker Fan Club (facebook group), you’ve checked out our homepage, and you’ve been reading our blog on a daily basis – you deserve at this point a full, clear explanation of this brilliant concept known as Sparkker, right? Well, sorta. Although we are launching in the coming days (check back here for an official announcement) and we should probably inform you, our potential Sparkker user, exactly what Sparkker is, we will instead choose to be shrouded in mystery and let the legend of Sparkker continue to grow. In previous posts, we have explained to you why you should use Sparkker, and now we will explain to you how Sparkker originated – with some slight allusion to the mysterious Sparkker concept. (fyi* sneak peak of the About Us page on our site)

Like most great ideas, the concept behind Sparkker was rooted in a need we felt in our actual personal lives. Having recently graduated from college (go ‘cats!), moved to NYC, and entered the professional world, we found it difficult to meet people outside of our immediate social networks (and it had nothing to do with Adam’s borderline IBS, and my excessive brow sweat). Sure, it was easy to meet friends and friends of friends, but to really expand our social networks and meet new, interesting, and fun groups of people (preferably opposite sex) to hang out with; now that was no easy task. One way to meet people outside of our social networks was to message random peeps on Facebook, but that is just plain sketchy (even for us). Another was to join an online dating site, but we are so accustomed to the social nature of Facebook that dating sites seemed awkward and antisocial. This got us to thinking… How about a site where you can meet new groups of people but with your friends; the way we socialize in the real world! And thus, Sparkker was born!

Our mission, at Sparkker, is to help you meet new people in a fun, social setting. We aim to use the Internet to not only graph your existing social network, but to expand it; both online and off. Sparkker, as a service, can be used for any number of purposes, and it’s really up to you to get out of it what you want. All we ask is that you treat other members with respect and always have fun!

Soon, we will have a large and robust user community at Sparkker. We are hoping that you early members will prove to be influential in setting a friendly, casual, and fun tone. As some of the first to join Sparkker, you and your group have great power to mold the Sparkker community. We hope you will take full advantage of this opportunity by actively using the site/application, and emphatically telling other like-minded friends to come join.

By using some context clues, you should probably be able to figure out the concept behind Sparkker by now. If you haven’t, then you will simply have to wait for the launch (so soon!)

Dan “Chief Americana Officer” Osit


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