We’re Big in Japan

Posted by Adam on November 21, 2007

Yesterday, Dan came across this entry about Sparkker on a Japanese blog called Nice Meets. You have to take a peek at that.

It’s very likely that they came across Sparkker via the Daily Northwestern Article as it is referenced two-thirds of the way down the page.

I, however, choose to believe that they found Sparkker after seeing us on the Japanese Network News.

My friend and fellow TEFL teacher, Skye Lee, teaches English in Japan. He provided the following translation of the blog:

It says that you made Sparkker, a way to make groups, events, and meet up in real life situations. It (Sparkker) gives one the opportunity to go on a date, meet new friends, or meet a partner in real life. Some jerk named Adam Sachs and a friend made the application that is a combination of social networking and online dating. If one adds the application to their facebook profile, they can use the service. A group leader (ambassador) decides what each group will be like and what type of group they will search for. Also, the ambassador looks for and plans events. It is an idea that came about after graduation and moving to New York. After graduating, there were less opportunities to meet people and because of the millions of facebook users, you thought it would be a good platform for meeting new people. You didn’t have the know-how so you contacted the founder of for help. According the the manager of the blog the owner (of sparkker) moved to New York after graduation and never had the opportunity to meet people. According to the owners experience, it isn’t too hard to make friends in general, but it is difficult to meet people outside of your social circles. As a result, Sparkker is a mix of a dating site and a social networking site. It is only in its beta version, but it is already a success.

Some jerk named Adam Sachs? Already a success? Hmmm… Does Dan write for this blog?

Many thanks to Skye!

Adam Sachs

Chief Friend Maker, Sparkker


2 Responses to “We’re Big in Japan”

  1. Adam,

    This comment isn’t really about Sparkker, even thought I think it’s a great app. This comment is about you mentioning TEFL in the blog posting. I’ve been looking to get into it, but every site/course I find online seems to be a scam, or has some people saying it is a scam. The internet is great for doing research about companies, but sometimes it seems like people can post their opinion about whatever, and nothing is ever moderated. So basically I just wanted to know if you can point me in the right direction for TEFL certification and jobs. Did you take a course online? did you find the company online, which one was it? just looking to be pointed in a good direction.

    Thank you,

    Amit Elhanan

  2. arsachs said

    Hi Amit,

    I got certified in a 5 week program called Intesol:

    It was definitely not a scam and you get a real certification from the International Teacher’s College. I would highly recommend it if you want to get certified and being in Prague is also a great opportunity. I also must admit that without the program I would really be lost when it came to being a teacher, writing an effective lesson plan, speaking to people who don’t speak English, etc.

    That being said, after getting certified, I moved to Madrid and found that the academies that hired me really didn’t care that I was certified. They online cared that English was my native tongue and I wasn’t a complete moron. From talking to people I’ve heard similar things about other countries (in Russia for example, if you can recite the English alphabet you are qualified to teach English).

    I definitely don’t regret getting certified though. It really made me a better teacher, gave me an entirely new understanding of the English language, and taught me skills that are useful in any professional field.

    I hope that was helpful.

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