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Why Sparkker rules and conventional online dating blows

Posted by Peter on November 26, 2007

Sorry, we’ve been busy debating names again and stuffing our faces, so not much time to write. But, nothing like lifting some (mostly) pre-written copy for a blog post:

Why choose Sparkker over conventional online dating?

  1. It’s more natural and social
    Human beings, in the real, offline world, meet new people with and through their groups of friends.
  2. It’s safer
    Safety in numbers, people!
  3. Avoids the stigma of conventional online dating
    Which sounds desperate? “I’m meeting some new people with my friends” or “I’m going on an internet-arranged blind date with some stranger named Pat. Did I mention I met Pat on the Internet.”
  4. More options among a group
    Not hitting it off with this guy or girl? Move on to the next one, you have a whole group to choose from.
  5. Your friends help you make better decisions
    (When they’re sober.)
  6. The group setting helps weed out the loners and boners
    People without friends can’t do much with a group dating service; liars will get called on their lies by their friends.
  7. If it’s a total bust, at least you’re still out with your friends
    No need to frantically call your friends after a dud date–they’re already there!
  8. It’s something new
    Seriously, Sparkker is a revolution in nightlife!
  9. It’s more fun
    It’s simply more fun!

Who should use it?

  • Single people looking to meet new people
  • Taken people who want to hang out with their friends and help them meet new people
  • Friendly, social people of all sorts and interests

Peter (& Adam & Dan)


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